Enjoy More Freedom in Everyday Life

Just as bicycles and cars provide us with the freedom to go out for lunch, shop, visit friends and enjoy trips, “SCOO” is an easy to use vehicle for individuals who hesitate to go out due to mobility difficulties. Regardless of age, gender, or disability, our lightweight folding electric mobility scooter provides more independence, convenience and comfort in your everyday life.

Since SCOO has no steering column in the front, visibility is not only wider but it is easier to get on and off the seat. The original side steering control bar allows for smoother handling. When fully charged, SCOO can travel up to 16km. It seamlessly folds back into a very compact unit and, due to two additional small wheels, can easily be rolled along similarly to a rolling suitcase. SCOO can be carried like a suitcase into cars and buses. When traveling by air, simply take the removable Lithium-Ion battery with you onboard, and check in SCOO as luggage. Its compact space saving design allows it to stand alone and you can easily keep it in small entranceways.

Electric wheelchairs and other mobility vehicles are conventionally seen as medical equipment. SCOO, however, is a new means of transportation that we hope makes your life happier and more enjoyable.

Smart, Safe and Stable

  • SCOO has 4 wheels, allowing for better stability than 3-wheel model scooters.
  • Since SCOO has no steering bar in front, not only is there nothing blocking visibility but it also makes it easier to get on and off the seat.
  • Set controller to suitable speeds between an ultra-low speed of 0.5km and a top speed of up to 5.5 km per hour.
  • Climbing angle is up to a 7.5 degree slope with a maximum weight limit of 114kg.
  • Original front wheel U-rocker mechanism and small diameter tires ensure stability when riding.
  • LED headlights and tail lights improve visibility which helps to prevent accidents and provides safety.
  • When in reverse, a backup beeper sounds and the speed is set to be slow and safe.
  • Easy to fold and can be stored standing in narrow spaces. Storage stand pops out automatically when seat is folded.
  • Equipped with a USB terminal to charge mobile devices. Useful in case of emergency.
  • SCOO can go a distance of 16km on a single full charge.
  • Battery can be charged with a 100-220V household power supply, either onboard or on an external off-board charger (sold separately).




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